castNo of Episodes: 4

Season: 19, ep 1 (1-4)

Writer: Christopher H. Bidmead

Director: Fiona Cumming

Producer: John Nathan-Turner

Companions: Adric (Matthew Waterhouse), Nyssa (Sarah Sutton), and Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding)

Summary: After the events of “Logopolis”, the Fourth Doctor has regenerated. The Master hatches a plan and traps the newly-regenerated Fifth Doctor and companions in Castrovalva, a mental projection created by Adric’s mind.

Review: Before I start, I should say that the story really is meant to be a continuation of “Logopolis”, unlike most regeneration episodes, which are meant to start a new path. It still kind of stands on its own, but it continues the concepts from that episode.

John Nathan-Turner meant for the Fifth Doctor to be an opposite of the Fourth. He felt Tom Baker’s Doctor was invincible and wanted a humbler hero.  The Fifth Doctor is more cautious than his predecessor and considered the gentlest Doctor overall. Also, unlike the others, he is completely dependent on his companions. They work as a team to resolve the crisis at hand.

This story is a favorite of mine, but it’s not without its problems.  The main one is that the pacing really doesn’t pick up until the third and fourth episodes.  The Doctor’s trauma isn’t as quickly resolved as it was in “Robot” or “Power of the Daleks”.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Continuity: While suffering from regeneration trauma, the Fifth Doctor regresses to the personas of all his predecessors (and does a pretty good impression of Troughton, I might add)

Trivia: This was the first episode to refer to the Doctor as “The Doctor” in the credits, rather than “Dr. Who” or “Doctor Who”.



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