Writer: Eric Saward

Director: Peter Grimwade

Producer: John Nathan-Turner

No. of Episodes: 4

Season: 19, ep 6 (19-22)

Companions: Adric (Matthew Waterhouse), Nyssa (Sarah Sutton), Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding)

Summary: A military conference against the Cybermen is taking place and the Cybermen are plotting to destroy the Earth.  The Doctor intervenes, but in the process, Adric must make the ultimate sacrifice.

Review: If you were to ask me for my favorite Cybermen story from the Classic period, I’d say it was “Earthshock”.  It is a well-written story, with great drama.

I like the Cybermen’s design from the 80’s.  Their costumes look very cold and their voices are great.  Granted, the Cyber-leader is slightly hammy, but he’s not too bad.

And now to address Adric’s Death.  To be honest,  I don’t hate Adric.  He’s not my favorite companion, but I don’t think he was bad.  I think people who despise him keep forgetting this story and “The Keeper of Traken”, his two best stories.

Continuity: While complaining that he wished to return to E-Space, Adric mentions that Romana could help direct the TARDIS.  Romana left to help the denizens of E-space in “Warrior’s Gate”.  Adric received his badge in “Full Circle” and the doctor uses it to kill the Cyber-Leader.  He learned of their weakness to gold in “Revenge of the Cyber-men”.  The Cybermen watch scenes from “The Tenth Planet”, “The Wheel in Space”, and “Revenge of the Cybermen”.  Adric’s fate is re-explored in the Big Finish audio drama The Boy Time Forgot. When the Doctor tells Brian Williams in “The Power of Three” that some of his companions died, he was referring to Adric.  The first story to kill a companion was “The Dalek Master Plan.”  Before his argument with Adric, the Doctor is reading Black Orchid, a book he received in the preceding story of the same name.

Trivia: This is the only story with silent credits, as seen in the final episode.  One of the android costumes was repainted for the Rastan Warrior Robot in “The Five Doctors.”


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