Silver Nemesis


Writer: Kevin Clarke

Director: Chris Clough

Producer: John Nathan-Turner

No. of Episodes: 3

Season: 25, ep. 3 (8-10)

Companion: Ace (Sophie Aldred)

Summary: Several centuries ago, the Doctor launched a statue into space, encased in a meteorite. This became known as the Nemesis comet.  Every 25 years, it comes closer to Earth, and every time it does, catastrophe follows. Three examples the Doctor gives are:

1913: WWI starts

1938: Hitler annexes Austria

1963: President Kennedy is assassinated

However, the statue is incomplete. The bow and arrow are still on Earth and are in the property of Lady Peinforte and her servant, back in 1688.  Several centuries later, a group of neo-nazis have found the bow and arrow. To make matters worse, the Cybermen have arrived on Earth, hoping to procure the statue when it crashes on Earth. Can the Doctor and Ace stop it from falling into the wrong hands?

Review: This is the final Cybermen story for Classic Who. What was supposed to be a good story is swamped by too many villains. What we got was a story that was somewhat average.

The Cybermen look terrible with their chrome armor.  They look like they’re made out of tinfoil to me.  To make matters worse, they’re more fragile than they used to be. Ace manages to finish off quite a few with a slingshot and some gold doubloons. It looks cool, I’ll admit, and the final moment where she’s surrounded by them with only one left is great (“Which one of you will die? And which one will be lucky?”–great Ace line), it still looks silly.

To sum it up, this story isn’t the best, but it’s far from the worst.  I like it when Ace and the Doctor interact. They are always great together, no matter how bad the story gets.  I love watching the Seventh Doctor set plans in motion as quickly as he does.

Overall Review: 6/10

Continuity: In Part Two the Doctor dematerialises the TARDIS as an arrow hits it. This also happened in “The Shakespeare Code” . In both cases the arrow dematerialises with the TARDIS.  In one scene, the Doctor is seen wearing a fez and carrying a mop, which the Eleventh Doctor also does in “The Big Bang”. Ace asks the Doctor who he is, and this is part of Andrew Cartmel’s “master plan”, which inspired the “ultimate question” story arc of Series 6 in New Who.  The chess game that the Doctor is playing comes up again in “The Curse of Fenric”, where viewers see that the Doctor was actually playing against Fenric, an Elder God (like the Great Intelligence).

Trivia: This was the 25th anniversary episode. There are cameos from Nicholas Courtney and story writer Kevin Clarke.  The jazz musician that the Doctor and Ace listen to is in reality Courtney Pine, a popular jazz musician from the 80’s, who happens to be playing himself.



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