Spare Parts


Writer: Marc Platt

Director: Gary Russell

Companion: Nyssa (Sarah Sutton)

Summary: The Doctor and Nyssa arrive on the planet Mondas, on the eve of the Cybermen invasion. Will the Doctor be tempted to attempt to change history, especially since Adric was killed by the Cybermen?

Review: I’d heard this was one of Big Finish’s best plays and that it inspired the two-part David Tennant story that marked the introduction of the Cybermen to the modern era of Doctor Who.  This was the reason I decided to buy this story.  I found it enjoyable.  The Hartley family was a great focal point for the story, bringing things more in focus by centering things solely on them.  I liked the way they seemed to accept Cybernetic conversion as the way things are and did not object to the idea until it was already too late.  There was a sense of foreboding throughout the story and it made things suspenseful.  Sarah Sutton was great as Nyssa.  I especially liked Kathryn Guck’s portrayal of Yvonne, the daughter of the Hartley family.

Continuity: In the Classic Who continuity, after “Time-flight”, it was implied in “The Arc of Infinity” the Doctor and Nyssa went on a series of adventures without Tegan. The variant of Cybermen in this story is similar to the variant in the first Cybermen story “The Tenth Planet”.

Trivia: There actually was a proposed sixth Doctor story for the TV series which would’ve detailed the origins of the Mondasian Cybermen. Because it was scrapped due to the hiatus implemented by Michael Grade, it is not known if it would have been similar to this story.


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