End of the World


Writer: Russell T. Davies

Director: Euros Lyn

Producer: Phil Collinson

Companion: Rose Tyler (Billie Piper)

Series: 1, episode 2

Summary: For her first trip in the TARDIS, the Doctor decides to take Rose to the exact day the Earth’s sun expands and destroys the world.  They observe it onboard an orbiting space station, unaware that one of the guests, the last human, Cassandra O’Brien, is sabotaging the station.

Review: I thought this story was great and to me, it’s the one that really shows what the revival of Doctor Who had to offer. It’s a poignant story that has a premise that’s been done before, but is presented in a unique way. I found Cassandra to actually be a rather tragic villain, filled with hatred and vanity.  The voice given to her was just perfect. I also like the fact that this episode really began the arc and had effects on even the Tenth Doctor’s run, especially since Eccleston’s run was way too short.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Continuity: Cassandra O’ Brien and The Face of Boe made their first appearances in this story. This is also the first usage of Psychic Paper and Rose’s superphone.  The “Bad Wolf” arc words are first spoken in this story.

Trivia: Most of the budget for the first season went into this episode.


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