The Macra Terror


Writer: Ian Stuart Black

Director: John Davies

Producer: Innes Lloyd

Companions: Ben Jackson (Michael Craze), Polly (Anneke Wills), and Jamie McCrimmin (Frazer Hines)

No of Episodes: 4

Season: 4, ep 7 (17-20)

Summary: The Doctor and companions find themselves in a human colony where everyone is happy. However, this is a ruse: they are all slaves to giant alien crabs called the Macra. The crabs need them to mine gases.

Review: Classic Doctor Who was actually pretty good at the alien monsters, and The Macra Terror is no exception. I thought this story was pretty good. This is one of the best stories for Troughton’s Doctor. His comical antics were almost absent, but his crafty nature signs through, allowing him to outsmart his enemies. Which is good, especially since two of his companions are under the Macra’s sway. It’s just a shame that not one part of this story has been recovered.

Overall Review: 7/10

Continuity: The Macra returned in the Tenth Doctor episode “Gridlock”.

Trivia: This story was the first to feature the Doctor’s face during the opening sequence. However, it still used the Ron Grainer arrangement of the theme because of a production error.








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