New Earth


Writer: Russell T. Davies

Director: James Hawes

Producer: Phil Collinson

Companion: Rose Tyler (Billie Piper)

Series: 2, ep. 2

Summary: The Tenth Doctor and Rose go to New New York (actually New New New New… get the idea) because he’s received a message on psychic paper from The Face of Boe. While there they run into two problems: Cassandra has returned and the Sisterhood, a race of cat people who are nuns have cloned humans and injected them with several diseases so that they can cure them.

Review: This is the first sequel episode of the new series, which was a practice that happened quite a few times in Classic Who.  Cassandra is a rather silly villain this time around, spending most of her time possessing both the Doctor and Rose. This does lead to some comedy, but it also brings down the episode a few points for me. What I did like was seeing the Face of Boe again, even though this time around it’s kind of a letdown because he just tells the Doctor he has to wait and see him one last time to get the message. This was an okay start to the new era, but it does get better later.

Overall Review: 7/10

Continuity: The Doctor and Rose first met Cassandra in “The End of the World”. The Doctor’s final encounter of the Face of Boe happens in “Gridlock”.

Trivia: Zoe Wanamaker, who voices Cassandra, also played Madame Hooch in the Harry Potter movies.


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