Special Announcement: We’re back!

This site has been dormant for two years at least. Why? Because BBC no longer allowed its classic episodes of Doctor Who to be available on Dailymotion, YouTube, or any other streaming site. Also, Netflix no longer carries the show in America. This means I have limited access to reruns of the show, which makes reviewing harder, especially since I can’t afford DVD purchases all that often. However, I have recently discovered that Big Finish Audio Dramas are now available on Spotify! Now, Spotify does not have the whole catalog of material that is available, but they do have a nice big selection of the following:

  • Lost Stories: Scripts for episodes that were never used.
  • Companion Chronicles: Stories featuring the Doctors, but told from the POV of a companion rather than the Doctor. These are done in the style of journal entries and narrated by companions.
  • Jago and Litefoot: Jago and Litefoot were two characters who assisted the Doctor in the Fourth Doctor story, “Talons of Weng-Chiang”. This series starts after that episode and continues their adventures.
  • Destiny of the Doctors: An 11-part event that involves Doctors 1-11, with special appearances by Matt Smith and Jenna Louise-Coleman.
  • I, Davros: Davros’s early years, before he created the Daleks.
  • Unit: Dominion: A Seventh Doctor Story featuring Unit.
  • Short Trips: Short stories with the Doctors.
  • Stage Plays: The theatrical stories featuring the Doctor, adapted into audio dramas by Big Finish.
  • Cyberman: A war with the Cyberman
  • Dalek Empire: A team of soldiers is opposing the Daleks.
  • Bernice Summerfield: The adventures of an archaeologist named Bernice Summerfield, who was a companion of the Seventh Doctor.

I will be reviewing whatever stories Spotify has from these ranges, as well as the “Main Range” stories that are available. Also, on 11/25 2016, BBC America will air “Power of the Daleks”, Patrick Troughton’s first story as the Second Doctor in its original six parts. When they finish, I will review it. I will be reviewing the actual show beginning with the 2016 Christmas special.


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