Fifth Doctor Audio Drama: Red Dawn


Writer: Justin Richards

Director: Gary Russell

Producer: Jason Haigh-Ellery

Running Time: 1 hour, 26 minutes

Companion: Peri (Nicola Bryant)

Summary: The Doctor and Peri arrive on Mars at the site of Ares One, NASA’s first manned mission to Mars. As the team investigates an anomaly. The Doctor gets a strange case of déjà vu. He soon realizes exactly why–the mission has encountered the Ice Warriors.

Review: I was initially pleased to see that this story has the unlikely pairing of the 5th Doctor and Peri. We didn’t see much of their relationship together on the actual show, as the 5th Doctor regenerated in Peri’s second story “The Caves of Androzani”. Pleased that is, until I realized they spent more time apart than together, as Peri gets kidnapped early.  The music was great and Nicholas Briggs does another role as Big Finish’s go-to monster voice–this time as the Ice Warriors.  Georgia Moffett turns up as Tonya and does a good performance. For the first appearance of the Ice Warriors, it’s just a touch above average.

Continuity: The Fifth Doctor and Peri encountered the Ice Warriors again in the audio drama The Bride of Peladon.

Trivia: Georgia Moffett is the daughter of Peter Davison and the wife of David Tennant. She played Jenny in “The Doctor’s Daughter”.


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