Tenth Doctor: Tooth and Claw


Writer: Russell T. Davies

Director: Euros Lyn

Producer: Phil Collinson

Series: 2, episode 2

Companion: Rose (Billie Piper)

Summary: The Doctor accidentally takes Rose to England in 1879, where the meet Queen Victoria.  They travel to Torchwood Manor, which is besieged by werewolves. The Doctor discovers that the Queen’s Koh-I-Noor diamond was being used to bait the werewolves, and the Manor is actually a trap for them. In appreciation, the Queen dubs the Doctor “Sir Doctor of TARDIS”, and authorizes the creation of the Torchwood Institute, an organization designed to deal with supernatural and extraterrestrial threats.

Review: This story isn’t bad, just okay.  The werewolves, though they look great, are actually kind of silly.  I do like the running gag of Rose trying to get the Queen to say “We are not amused”, because it actually does pay off, but not in the way you expect. Overall, it feels like a Classic Who story with better effects.

Overall Review: 6/10

Continuity: This is the origin story for Torchwood, which becomes a sort-of ally for the Doctor, and a spin-off series. The Third Doctor mentioned attending Queen Victoria’s coronation in “The Curse of Peladon”. The Seventh Doctor fought a werewolf in “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy”.

Trivia: Queen Victoria is portrayed by Pauline Collins, who was last seen in the Second Doctor serial The Faceless Ones.



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