Eighth Doctor Audio: Invaders From Mars


Writer and Director: Mark Gatiss

Producers: Gary Russell & Jason Haigh-Ellery

Executive Producer: 1 hour, 34 minutes

Running Time: 1 hour, 34 minutes (2 cd’s)

Companion: Charley Pollard (India Fisher)

Summary: The Doctor and Charley arrive in New York in 1938 on Halloween, the night Orson Welles will broadcast his infamous radio play based on HG Wells’s War of the Worlds. Except this time, the Martian invasion is real. The Doctor also discovers that anti-time is slowly destroying history.

Review: This is the kind of story Doctor Who thrives on. As I listened, I wondered why the actual show never did a story about War of the Worlds. David Benson plays a great Orson Welles, capturing his trademark cynicism. I also like the foreshadowing for events that are coming in later audio dramas, as I had suspicions that rescuing Charley in Storm Warning would have consequences. I highly recommend listening to this one. One of Big Finish’s best plays!

Trivia: Simon Pegg plays Don Cheney. Katy Manning, who played Jo Grant during the Pertwee Era, has a cameo as a reception guest.



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