Twelfth Doctor: Into the Dalek

Writers: Phil Ford and Steven Moffat

Director: Ben Wheatley

Producer: Nikki Wilson

Series: 8, ep. 2

Companions: Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman), Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson)

Summary: The Doctor rescues a rebel ship surrounded by a Dalek fleet. He discovers one Dalek has been taken. But this one is different–it actually wishes to destroy the others! In order to help the Dalek, the Doctor, Clara, and the rebels must go inside the Dalek itself! But why does this Dalek wish to rebel? And will the Doctor’s hatred of the Daleks be his ultimate downfall?

Review: This is one of the best episodes of the Capaldi era, I’m going to say that now. I have always wondered if there was more to the Daleks than their killing and hatred.  I’ve always thought brainwashing on some level was involved. Turns out my fan-canon was right, to an extent.  I actually thought that maybe the Dalek would start a rebellion, but its hatred is too strong. And then we see one of my favorite aspects of the Doctor: he is not noble. He hates this Dalek, even though it has the potential to be different. He still remembers all the carnage he has witnessed over several regenerations. The Dalek sees this and we hear one of the best lines in the show: “I am not a good Dalek. You are a good Dalek.” The Dalek has given the Doctor his ultimate defeat: he has told him that in the right circumstance, the Doctor could be just as hateful as the thing he despises the most.

Overall Review: 10/10

Continuity: The Doctor states that breaking out of a morgue is easy. He should know, he did it as the Eighth Doctor in the pilot for his era. Rusty the Dalek tells the Doctor something the lone Dalek the Ninth Doctor met in “Dalek” said as well, that he would make a good Dalek. Rusty also sees the destruction of the Daleks and the Crucible in “Journey’s End”. The Doctor shrunk to fight an enemy in the Fourth Doctor episode “The Invisible Enemy”. Like the Third and Tenth Doctors, the Twelfth Doctor has a dislike for the military. As we learned in “Asylum of the Daleks”, Daleks have access to the memories of Daleks through the Pathweb, a shared consciousness.




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