Destiny of the Doctor: Vengeance of the Stones (Third Doctor and Captain Mike Yates)


Writer: Andrew Smith

Director: John Ainsworth

Companions: Mike Yates (Richard Franklin, narrator), Brigadier

Summary: Captain Mike Yates recounts the first time he met the Brigadier and the Third Doctor. The three have them have been called by UNIT to investigate the disappearance of two RAF fighter jets.  The Doctor discovers the disappearances are linked to stone circles which are plentiful in Scotland.

Review: This story is an odd one at first. While UNIT was a constant ally of the Doctor, Captain Yates wasn’t as important as Sergeant Benton or the Brigadier, so Yates seemed an odd choice for narrator. But this story is set after Liz Shaw’s final appearance in “Inferno”, so technically the Doctor doesn’t have a companion. (Jo Grant would not be introduced until “Terror of the Autons”) It gives Yates more depth than he ever received on the show, and I liked this expansion of his character.  I enjoyed his wonderment at the Doctor’s peculiar habits. The story was kind of slow at first, but once it got going, it was enjoyable.




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