Tenth Doctor: The Runaway Bride

Writer: Russell T. Davies

Director: Euros Lyn

Producer: Phil Collinson

Companion: Donna Noble (Catherine Tate)

Series: 3, Christmas Special

Summary: Bride-to-be Donna Noble is taken by the TARDIS right in the middle of her wedding on Christmas Eve.  However, the Doctor learns there is evil afoot and an alien being is using Donna in a plot, and has employed the robot Santas from the year before.  The alien is a giant spider queen called the Racnoss Empres, whose babies will eat every living thing on Earth, starting with Donna.

Review: Out of all the Christmas specials from Tennant’s era, this one is my favorite. Donna’s introduction is hilarious, and I like how hammy the Empress is.  This was a great introduction to Donna, even if I had to wait another season for her to become an official companion.

Continuity: This story introduced Donna Noble, who becomes an official companion starting with “Partners in Crime” and ending with “Journey’s End”. The Eighth Doctor met Lucie Miller in a similar fashion to Donna Noble in “Blood of the Daleks.” The robotic Santas and killer Christmas trees made their first appearance in “The Christmas Invasion.”


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