Tenth Doctor: The Shakespeare Code


Writer: Gareth Roberts

Director: Charles Palmer

Producer: Phil Collins

Series: 3, episode 2

Companion: Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman)

Summary: The Doctor and Martha travel to the Renaissance Era, where they meet the Bard himself. He’s in the process of writing Love’s Labors Won, a play that was never published. They also discover witches who seem to have sinister plans for the Bard.

Review: This was pretty good. Martha and the Doctor worked well here and Dean Lennox Kelly was great as William Shakespeare. The story had some great comedic moments, and I liked how Shakespeare kept trying to steal ideas from the Doctor.


Continuity: The 8th Doctor met Shakespeare as a boy in Time of the Daleks. Queen Elizabeth’s anger at seeing the Doctor is explained in “Day of the Doctor”.  The Third Doctor also met Queen Elizabeth, as he recounts in “The Mind of Evil.” He mentions the Sycorax to Shakespeare, who he met in “The Christmas Invasion”. The Doctor refers to himself as “Sir Doctor of TARDIS”, a title he received in “Tooth and Claw”. The 5th Doctor met the Eternals in “Enlightenment”. The Doctor tells Martha to “walk around like she owns the place, which he also told Ace in “Silver Nemesis”. This is the second time the Doctor’s heart has stopped beating with Martha around.

Trivia: The Tempest actually mentions beings called the Sycorax. Hmm.



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