Tenth Doctor: The Lazarus Experiment


Writer: Stephen Greenhorn

Director: Richard Clark

Producer: Phil Collinson

Companion: Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman)

Series: 3, episode 6

Summary: The Doctor takes Martha home, intending to end their journey together. However, he hears a message on her phone about her mother meeting Professor Lazarus. Lazarus is inviting everyone to witness an experiment that will “change humanity”. This intrigues the Doctor, so he comes along. Professor Lazarus is conducting an experiment funded by the mysterious Mr. Saxon that he believes will allow him to become young again. But at what cost? And why does Martha’s mother seem to know so much about the Doctor?

Review: One thing I like about New Who is that we get to learn more about the Companions than we did in the original show. This is the start of the arc that signals the return of the Master and we meet Martha’s family. I like Martha a lot, mostly because her time in Torchwood made her better than she was on the main show. My main problem with her stories though is that up until this episode, she is the “rebound companion”, and I don’t think the Doctor is treating her fairly.

I thought the special effects for this episode were neat, although Lazarus’s face on the giant monster was kind of cringey. I liked that you could kind of pity Lazarus for wanting to be young again.

Martha’s mother was a great source of suspense. You wanted to know her relationship with Mr. Saxton. And you wanted to know who this “Mr. Saxon” was. This was a great episode.

Overall Review: 7/10

Continuity: The Doctor says that he watched the London blitz, which he did in “The Empty Child”. Martha states that the Doctor is her “plus one”, which is what the Doctor called Rose in “The End of the World”. The insignia on the Lazarus Project is the same as the one on Mr. Saxon’s ring. The Doctor says something bad happens whenever he wears a tuxedo, referencing “Army of Ghosts”.

Trivia: Mr. Lazarus was portrayed by Mark Gatiss, one of the show’s writers.


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