Destiny of the Doctor: Trouble in Paradise (6th Doctor and Peri)

troubleWriter: Nev Fountain

Director: Jonathan Ainsworth

Companion: Peri Brown (Nicola Bryant, narrator)

Summary: The 6th Doctor receives a message from the 11th Doctor. He wants them to find an “Omni-paradox” in 1492.  They meet Christopher Columbus, but Peri is not enthusiastic because she had to study Columbus in high school and came away hating him.  Peri also sees the devil himself on the ship, and one of the sailors has come down with tuberculosis.

Review: This one is pretty amusing at the start, and the Doctor and Peri have some great banter as always.  While Columbus constantly referring to himself as “the world’s greatest explorer” does get annoying, he’s pretty funny, and I like how the narration switches between both Peri and him.

The sound design is excellent! I love how you can actually hear the Santa Maria’s creaking hull and the water around everyone.  Nev gives Peri great dialogue, and seems to know how to write her well.  (Considering that he and Bryant are actually a couple, this isn’t surprising. This is another gem in the Destiny of the Doctor series.

Overall Review: 9/10

Continuity: The 11th Doctor just can’t stop gushing about the 6th Doctor’s rainbow coat. (Can’t say I blame him) Peri mentions meeting George Stephenson (who she met in “The Mark of the Rani”) and HG Wells (who she met in “Timelash”).



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