Tenth Doctor: Blink


Writer: Steven Moffat

Director: Hettie MacDonald

Producer: Phil Collinson

Series: 3, ep. 10

Companion: Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman)

Summary: Sally Sparrow enters an abandoned house and discovers a message hidden behind wallpaper. All around her are angelic statues who have their faces covered. She runs off, but comes back with a friend, who mysteriously disappears, leaving behind a letter. Later, she meets a man named Larry at a DVD shop, who has discovered a special feature hidden on several DVD’s that has a cryptic message from the Doctor and Martha. What’s even stranger is that while they watch, the Doctor seems to know what they are going to say and has answers for every question. They discover Sally is being hunted by beings called the Weeping Angels. They are “quantum-locked”, and cannot move when they are seen.  When they are seen, they freeze in place. These beings send their victims back in time, and feed off their “time energy”. The Weeping Angels have trapped both the Doctor and Martha in the past, leaving them unable to actively prevent the Angels. They have to help the Doctor by getting the TARDIS back to the Doctor.

Review: This episode is a much better “Doctor-Lite” episode than “Love and Monsters”. This to me is everything Doctor Who should be–mysterious, fascinating, and frightening. Both Sally and Larry have to do what would normally be the Doctor’s role because he is helpless. The story taps into something that has happened to many of us. We’ve all had that situation when we are alone, and yet we feel a presence, as if we’re being watched.

The Weeping Angels are excellent adversaries. This is especially true when you realize that even you are unsafe! Once even the viewer isn’t watching the Angels, they move closer to their prey.

If you’re a Whovian, you most likely already know how good this episode is.

Continuity: Martha once again must seek employment, as she did in the “Human Nature” 2-parter. The Eleventh Doctor faced the Weeping Angels again in “Time of the Angels/Flesh and Stone” and “The Angels Take Manhattan”. They also faced the Fifth Doctor in the audio drama “Fallen Angels”, part of Big Finish’s first “Classic Doctors, New Monsters” anthology.

Trivia: This episode is based on the short story “What I Did on My Christmas Holidays”, published in the 2006 Doctor Who Annual, which featured the 9th Doctor.


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