Destiny of the Doctor: Shockwave (7th and Ace)


Writer: John Swallow

Director: John Ainsworth

Running Time: 1 hour, 5 minutes

Companion: Ace (Sophia Aldred, narrator)

Summary: In the future, the inhabitants of Tarsus Six are desperately attempting to escape their planet before their sun , Tarsus Ultra, collapses.

Review: I wasn’t impressed with this story. I did like how uncertain Ace was. Ace’s relationship with the Doctor wasn’t like companions before her. The Seventh Doctor often used her as a pawn in many stories, especially in stories like “The Curse of Fenric”. Ace knows she can’t fully trust the Doctor.

Yet there were many problems in the story. I felt as though the Seventh Doctor didn’t have as large a role as he should, even if it was from Ace’s perspective. The story didn’t celebrate the McCoy era very well. The previous stories in this series feel as though they are celebrating the era as well as contributing to it. Overall, I felt this was one of the weaker installments of this series.

Overall Review: 5/10

Continuity: Ace mentions her encounters with the Cybermen.






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