Tenth Doctor: Planet of the Dead


Writers: Russell T. Davies and Gareth Roberts

Director: James Strong

Producer: Tracie Simpson

Series: 4, Easter Special

Companion: Lady Christina de Souza (Michelle Ryan)

Summary: While on a bus trip, the Doctor meets cat burglar Lady Christina de Souza.  The bus takes a ride into a wormhole, arriving on a desert-like planet, with a horde of stranded alien locusts called Tritovores.  The Doctor calls in UNIT to help.

Review: This wasn’t bad. It was good to see everything work out nicely for the Doctor for a change. Lady Christina would’ve made a great companion; I liked how resourceful she was.  The aliens were a bit silly, but fortunately they weren’t on screen for long.

Continuity: The Doctor meets an Ood who informs him of the prophecy that will be fulfilled in “The End of Time”.



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