Tenth Doctor: Turn Left


Writer: Russell T. Davies

Director: Graeme Harper

Producer: Susie Liggat

Series: 4, episode 11

Companion: Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), Rose Tyler (Billie Piper)

Summary: Donna is separated from the Doctor and meets a fortune teller who forces her to go back in time and make the one crucial moment that changed her life never happen: meeting the Doctor. As a result, all of the events after her first appearance in “The Runaway Bride” are now altered. The Doctor has died, and failed to regenerate. And now that he has died, the universe is in chaos.

Review: I love what-if stories, and this one is a doozy. It’s fascinating to see what the universe is like when the Doctor isn’t around to save it. The awful things just pile up and up. Every time you think there may be a ray of hope, it’s dashed. It’s like “It’s a Wonderful Life” gone horribly wrong.

Overall Review: 10/10

Continuity: The fortune teller is in league with the Trickster, a villain from the Sarah Jane Adventures. The Bad Wolf is sent as a warning by Rose. The Doctor hears the Cloister Bell ring once again. The words of Lucius, “There’s something on your back”, now come to fruition. Like the beetle, the Mara in “Kinda” was revealed by mirrors. Mirrors were used by Daleks for time travel in “Evil of the Daleks” and “Time of the Daleks”.

Trivia: This episode was originally rumored to be titled “The Doctor’s Death”.


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