Eleventh Doctor: The Beast Below


Writer: Steven Moffatt

Director: Andrew Gunn

Producer: Peter Bennett

Series: 5, ep. 2

Summary: The Doctor takes Amy on her first trip in the TARDIS. They discover a spaceship that houses the Britain of the future. A Britain with a frightening secret below it.

Review: Now that Steven Moffatt had properly introduced his new Doctor and his new companion, it was time to show the new direction for the show to take with him as show-runner. With Russell T. Davies, the show was a science fiction show that took us to new worlds, but Moffatt took us to new realms. He’s often been criticized for taking a more fairy tale-like approach to his story. Matt Smith’s Doctor is very Peter Pan-like, with Amy as his Wendy. One thing I like about the 11th Doctor in this episode is that he immediately begins his investigation. He doesn’t waste any time. I also like that Amy is curious and resourceful. I love this line: “So, the brilliant Doctor, master of time and space doesn’t get involved unless children are crying?”

The station is beautifully rendered. The Smilers are creepy figures, even when they don’t have those evil frowns.

Overall Review: 10/10

Continuity: This episode make several allusions to “The Ark in Space”. When he contemplates killing the whale, The Doctor laments that he will need a new name, because he won’t be the Doctor anymore. This could be seen as an allusion to The War Doctor. A crack in time can be seen at the end when we see the outside of Starship Britain. The Doctor once again tells a companion that humans look like Gallifreyans.


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