Destiny of the Doctor: Night of the Whisper


Writers: Cavan Scott & Mark Wright

Director: John Ainsworth

Companions: Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness

Running Time: 1 hour, 20 minutes

(Note: This story is the only “Destiny in the Doctors” story that does not include appearances by any of the actors who play the companions. Instead, the whole thing is read by Nicholas Briggs. That’s why I didn’t include any names for the actors above.)

Summary: Captain Jack Harkness takes the Ninth Doctor and Rose to New Vegas, an outer space version of Las Vegas in the 23rd Century on a moon. Rose poses as a waitress and Jack poses as a reporter. The Ninth Doctor has discovered that a mysterious vigilante called the Whisper is on the loose, and has turned against the police. The Doctor works alongside the police to discover the Whisper’s true intentions.

Review: This one intrigued me more than the others. I was curious about how the story would work without having anyone from the actual show to read the lines.

Nicholas Briggs is actually a good substitute for Eccleston and Barrowman. It almost sounds as if they’re reading their own lines when he impersonates them.

The Whisper reminds me of Batman at his darkest. The whole time, I was wondering if we’d learn who was behind the mask. He was a great antagonist.

I like how the story was even structured like an episode of New Who, complete with the cold open. It caught me off guard at first, but it was a great touch.

This story made me wish Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper would work for Big Finish, especially now that Big Finish has started doing stories that coincide with the modern-day version of the show.

Overall Review: 9/10

Continuity: The Whisper says “Bad Wolf”, a phrase heard throughout Eccleston’s era. The Ninth Doctor mentions the Judoon.





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