Eleventh Doctor: Victory of the Daleks


Writer: Mark Gatiss

Director: Andrew Gunn

Producer: Peter Bennett

Series: 5, ep.3

Companion: Amy Pond (Karen Gillan)

Summary: The Doctor and Amy travel to WWII and we learn that he’s met Winston Churchill.  Churchill is ecstatic because he has new weapons called “Ironsides”. But the Doctor knows that they are something else: Daleks. What’s more Amy has no knowledge of their existence, despite the events of “Journey’s End.”

Review: This episode has received quite a bit of backlash. I don’t mind the new “paradigm” Daleks. And I don’t really see why people thing this uses the same plot as “Power of the Daleks”, especially now that I’ve seen both stories. In “Power”, the Daleks are duping people into thinking they’re servants. Here they’re duping them into thinking they’re soldiers. Also, “Power” was set in the future, not WWII. I do see some of the flaws, though. The story isn’t one of Gatiss’s better stories, as it is extremely predictable. That’s kind of the problem with Gatiss’s writing. After so many of his stories, you can kind of guess what he’s going to do. But I don’t avoid this episode like “Love and Monsters”.

Overall Review: 6/10

Continuity: Another crack in time is seen at the end of the episode. Amy has no memory of the Daleks, even after the events of “Journey’s End.” The spitfire pilot shows up again in “A Good Man Goes to War.”

Trivia: The spitfire pilot was played by Mark Gatiss.



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