Eleventh Doctor: Vampires in Venice


Writer: Toby Whithouse

Director: Jonny Campbell

Producers: Tracie Simpson and Patrick Schweitzer

Series: 5, ep 6

Companions: Amy Pond (Karen Gillan),  Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill)

Summary: After Amy kissed the Doctor last time, he realizes he’s made a big mistake, so he and Amy take the TARDIS to get Rory at his stag party. One awkward moment later, he, Amy, and Rory travel to Venice in Renaissance-era Italy, where they meet alien vampires.

Review: This was weird, even for Doctor Who.  It had some good moments, and had a good start for Rory. The set design was great. Some good special effects when we see what the vampires really look like without their perception filter.  It’s slightly above average, but Toby still does a good episode here.

Overall Review: 6/10

Continuity: This is the Doctor’s third visit to Venice (he also visited Venice in “Shada” and “The Stones of Venice”) This is the first episode where we hear of the Silence, although we wouldn’t see them until series 6. The Doctor accidentally pulled out his library card in this episode, which has a picture of Hartnell’s Doctor on it.



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