Destiny of the Doctor: Death’s Deal (10th Doctor and Donna Noble)


Writer: Darren Jones

Director: John Ainsworth

Companion: Donna Noble (Catherine Tate, narrator)

Summary: The Doctor receives several messages and lands on a planet called Death’s Deal, only to discover that whoever sent those messages must’ve died.  The planet was so named because it is the deadliest planet in the galaxy.  The Doctor and Donna are now stranded among tourists and must help everyone escape.

Review: The Doctor and Donna Noble has always been one of my favorite teams because Donna Noble is a great conscience. Donna is a delight in this story, shutting down both the Doctor and his foes.  I do have a couple problems with this story. First off, Catherine Tate doesn’t even try to imitate Tennant or Smith, like most of the narrators have. Second, in “Night of the Whisper”, we actually had a reference to the “Bad Wolf” arc for the ninth Doctor. This story doesn’t reference the fourth series’ main arc, so I almost feel like I should shave off some points. But this is minor nit-picking. I enjoyed it.

Overall Review: 9/10

Continuity: The Eleventh Doctor once again wishes he were ginger.



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