Eleventh Doctor: The Lodger


Writer: Gareth Roberts

Director: Catherine Moreshead

Producer: Tracie Simpson

Series: 5, ep 11

Companions: Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), Craig Owens (James Corden)

Summary: The Doctor is separated from Amy when an unseen forces prevents the TARDIS from landing. The force is detected in an apartment complex, so the Doctor poses as a lodger in order to investigate. There he meets Craig Owens and his girlfriend Sophie.

Review: Oh joy, I get to talk about this episode. I’m actually a fan of Gareth Roberts’s writing, as both of his Tenth Doctor stories, “The Shakespeare Code” and “The Unicorn and the Wasp”, are among my favorite episodes from that era. However, this wasn’t one of his best. While there were some humorous moments, this story felt pointless, as it had very little to do with the series’ overall plot. Amy was almost not even necessary, so it kind of made me wonder why she was even included. Craig is annoying, and I don’t much care for the subplot considering his relationship with Sophie.

Overall Review: 4/10

Continuity: Craig’s fridge has a postcard advertising the same exhibit that the Doctor, Amy, and Van Gogh visited in the previous episode. Craig says “Geronimo”, which is usually one of the Eleventh Doctor’s catchphrases. This is the second time that the Doctor has shown his expertise in sports, the first was in his fifth incarnation in “Black Orchid” (that time it was cricket, naturally). The Doctor would later encounter a spaceship similar to the one in this episode in “Day of the Moon”.

Trivia: This episode is adapted from a comic strip for Doctor Who Magazine written by Gareth Roberts featuring the Tenth Doctor and Mickey.



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