Eleventh Doctor: Vincent and the Doctor


Writer: Richard Curtis

Director: Jonny Campbell

Producers: Tracie Simpson and Patrick Schweitzer

Series: 5, ep. 10

Companion: Amy Pond (Karen Gillan)

Summary: The Doctor takes Amy to an exhibit at a museum showcasing Vincent Van Gogh’s work. Upon examining one of the paintings, the Doctor sees something strange. He hears a child say something about a Doctor taking care of Van Gogh. The Doctor decided to take Amy with him to investigate and visit Van Gogh himself. Despite Van Gogh’s erratic personality, Amy is enchanted by him and wants the Doctor to prevent him from committing suicide.

Review: This has to be one of the most touching stories in the history of Doctor Who. Van Gogh is well portrayed by Tony Curran. I like that the show did not go for what I would consider the “easy route” and didn’t change what actually happened to Van Gogh. This is one of Amy’s best episodes, and her fascination with Van Gogh is enjoyable. My favorite scene is when the Doctor takes Van Gogh to the museum to see how valuable his contributions truly are. I think that by leaving Van Gogh’s fate unaltered, the episode is all the stronger.

Overall Review: 10/10

Continuity: The Doctor once again says “bow ties are cool”, which he first said in “The Eleventh Hour”. The Doctor tries to make Amy remember Rory, who had fallen into a time crack in the previous episode.




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