I, Davros: Purity


Writers: James Parsons and Andrew Stirling-Brown

Director: Gary Russell

Running Time: 1 hour, 11 minutes

Summary: Davros is now 30 years old and has joined the Kaled military, against his mother’s wishes. He has become a tech operator, and his hatred of the Thals is increasing. Yet within the ranks are people who do not wish to go to war. And another of Davros’s family has been claimed by death once more.

Review: Part 1 impressed me, and so did this.  Terry Malloy, who is Big Finish’s Davros (he also played him on TV at least once, and is considered the best actor to portray the character). I enjoyed seeing early signs of his hatred of the Thals. His argument with Calcula was great, as it showed more depth to her than just the wicked mother she seemed in Innocence. It was also interesting that not all the Kaleds liked the idea of killing all the Thals in a war. My only gripe is that this one seemed to end to quickly. But maybe that’s because I was enjoying it that much.




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