I Davros: Corruption


Writer: Lance Parkin

Director: Gary Russell

Running Time: 1 hour, 9 minutes

Summary: Davros has joined the Scientific Elite, and has begun his unorthodox experimentation on Kaleds and Thals. However, an accident may take him down an even darker path.

Review: This was the story I was really hoping I, Davros would do: show exactly how Davros had become handicapped. I had theorized that his handicap was what led to his creation of the Daleks, and even thought that perhaps a Thal was to blame, and that his experiments were fueled by both revenge and prejudice.

Calcula makes her final appearance in this story. I like how we see how much influence she had on her son. Her own prejudice against Thals, coupled with her hatred of the military, colors her opinion of her son and his upbringing. We are to both pity and despise her, and I think her performance is excellent.

Overall Review: 10/10



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