Eleventh Doctor: The Almost People/The Rebel Flesh (dual review)


Writer: Matthew Graham

Director: Julian Simpson

Producer: Marcus Wilson

Series: 6, 5 & 6

Companions: Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill)

Summary: The Doctor, Amy, and Rory arrive at a futuristic base where people are making copies of themselves called Gangers (short for doppelgangers). The vat where they are made is sentient. The Gangers stage a revolt, and an acid storm is raging. It’s even dragged the TARDIS down into the muck. The first part ends with everyone discovering a Ganger of the Doctor himself.

Rory discovers that the Gangers are fragile. The Gangers try to get the Ganger Doctor on their side. During this whole adventure, the Doctor has been reminding Amy to breathe.  One of the employees is called by his son because it’s his birthday.  The also reveals that he’d been helping the Ganger Doctor because he wanted to see how accurate the copy was.

As they escape, the Doctor reminds Amy to breathe again and tells Rory she’s in labor. They then discover that the Amy they’ve had with them since the wedding was a Ganger all along.

Review: This 2-parter os one of the best “base under siege” stories. There’s great suspense throughout. I loved how you weren’t sure who was the real Doctor or Amy, and the Gangers looked so creepy. Definitely one of the highlights of Smith’s era, and two great cliffhangers!

Overall: 10/10

Continuity: The Ganger Doctor goes through many of the Doctor’s regenerations. The fact that Amy was a Ganger all along was why it was difficult for the Doctor to determine how far along her labor was, or if her baby was even there.


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