Dalek Empire: Invasion of the Daleks


Writer and Director: Nicholas Briggs

Running Time: 1 hour, 12 minutes

Summary: The Milky Way is at peace. After centuries of struggle, the Earth Alliance has been created, and all is well. Then, without warning, the Daleks invade. An invasion which threatens to tear apart the very fabric of our galaxy. Standing in its way is a small rebellion of slaves. But the Doctor is not here to save the day.

Review: When Big Finish released their first Dalek story, The Genocide Machine, it was meant as part of a 4-part prelude to this, the first story in the “Dalek Empire” range. These are Dalek stories where the Doctor is not present and thus those enslaved by the Daleks are on their own.  I liked how it felt very much like the calm before the storm, with a seemingly peaceful setting before the Daleks begin their onslaught. The rebellion was a great focus, and it’s unique to hear a story that doesn’t end with the day saved.  I was so engrossed with the story, I was surprised it was over.

Overall Review: 10/10

Note: This story is the result of a four-part prelude that runs through the main range. You should listen to The Genocide Machine, The Mutant Phase, The Apocalypse Element, and Time of the Daleks before listening to this series.



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