Counter-Measures: Threshold


Writer: Paul Finch

Director: Ken Bentley

Producer: David Richardson

Summary: After the events of “Remembrance of the Daleks”, Captain Ian Gilmore has founded the Intrusion Countermeasure Group (ICMG): Professor Rachel Jensen, her student Allison William, and several other military and scientific personnel. Their first assignment is former Nazi scientist Heinrich Schumann, who is working on a matter-transfer device.

Review: “Remembrance of the Daleks” is one of my favorite Seventh Doctor stories, and it introduces this team. Big Finish created this team as a precursor to UNIT, and this is a great start to the series. It has a somewhat espionage feel to it.

Dr. Schumann is a great antagonist. He still holds on to his bigotry, but by the end it almost seems like he may hope to atone. I liked this story, and I’m definitely checking out at least the first two seasons.

Note: Counter-measures collects each series as a boxed set, rather than individual stories like the Main Range. However, I have decided to review each episode individually.


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