Iris Wildthyme: The Sound of Fear

sound of fearWriter: Mark Michalowski

Director: Gary Russell

Running Time: 1 hr, 20 minutes

Summary: Iris is bummed that Tom left at the end of season 1’s finale. To cheer herself up, she uses her TARDIS’s radio to listen to a program called Radio Yesterday. She decides to convince them to let her be part of the show. She takes the TARDIS to the radio station and discovers that Sam Gold, the DJ of the station, remembers that she was his wife. Panda snoops around and discovers that an alien race called the Naxians are using the show to brainwash its listeners.

Review: Before I go any further, I should introduce Iris Wildthyme. Iris is a rogue Time Lady portrayed by Katy Manning (who played Jo Grant in the Pertwee Era). (Note: This story starts the second season of Big Finish’s audio dramas for Iris Wildthyme, but because Spotify doesn’t have season 1, I’ve decided to start with the earliest season uploaded to Spotify.) Her TARDIS is disguised as a double-decker bus. Her usual companions are a human named Tom and a talking stuffed panda named, well, Panda. Iris is more free-spirited than the Doctor, and also more deceptive. Her stories tend to have  a more light-hearted mood than the Doctor’s. There are also books based on Wildthyme as well, and she has also crossed paths with the Doctor’s numerous incarnations, despite never having appeared on the TV version.

I rather liked this story. Iris was pretty funny as she tried to con her way onto the station.  Her embarrassment with Sam with funny. While I do wish Spotify had the first season so I could become more acquainted, this wasn’t a bad start. I will be checking out more of these stories in the future.

Overall Review: 8/10




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