Class: For Tonight We Might Die

for tonight

Writer: Patrick Ness

Director: Ed Bazalgette

Producer: Derek Ritchie

Summary: The students at Coal Hill Academy discover that there are two aliens disguised as a student and a teacher. The two aliens are Charlie, a Rhodian, and Miss Quill, a Quill. The two races have been at war with each other, and Quill is Charlie’s prisoner. Their kind were all but obliterated by a race of shadowy beings called the Shadow Kin, who are searching for the Cabinet of Souls. The main cast is as follows:

  • Miss Quill (Katherine Kelly)–The fiery Quill who calls herself a Freedom Fighter. She cannot use weapons or she will die. She is Charlie’s reluctant protector as well as his prisoner.
  • Charlie Smith (Greg Austin)–The Prince of the Rhodian.
  • Ram (Fady Elsayed)–the star soccer player
  • April MacLean (Sophie Hopkins)–seems like she will be the team’s “heart”, judging by her kindness.
  • Tanya Adeola (Vivian Oparah)–a child prodigy who has skipped several grades and is now a 14-year old in high school. She’s also the “token black kid” of the group.

Review: I’d heard about this show for a long time, due to hearing it talked about constantly on a Doctor Who fan podcast called “The Big Blue Box”. For a pilot episode, this is excellent. It sets everything up well, and it was intense and well-paced. Here’s hoping we get more than just these 8 episodes that start everything off.

Overall: 10/10


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