Ninth Doctor: The Long Game

long game

Writer: Russell T. Davies

Director: Brian Grant

Producer: Phil Collinson

Companions: Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), Adam Mitchell (Bruno Langley)

Series: 1, episode 7

Summary: The Doctor, Rose, and Adam (who joined them at the end of “Dalek”) arrive on Satellite 5, a space station that broadcasts news across the Human Empire. Adam attempts to send information from the future to his family in our time, jeopardizing the Doctor and Rose’s safety, as well as the stability of time. They discover that the station is actually run by a giant monster that is called the Jagafress (or Max if you’re Simon Pegg).

Review: The Doctor has taken all kinds, but Adam is a first. He is the first companion to be rejected and kicked off the TARDIS after just one story. In fact, I almost didn’t list him as a companion for this reason.

This episode actually isn’t bad. It can be seen as a good commentary on the media’s ability to manipulate everyone. My main problem is the build-up doesn’t really payoff right away. We never see the Jagafress again (for obvious reasons), but we do get to see what Satellite 5 becomes in the season finale. That’s why it’s called “The Long Game”. Davies got better at doing “set-up” episodes (just look at “Gridlock” for instance). But I think this one is probably the weakest one in the Ninth Doctor’s way too short run.

Overall Review: 5/10

Continuity: Satellite 5 later becomes the Game Station in “Bad Wolf”. This episode also mentions the Face of Boe, which the Doctor met for the first time in “The End of the World”.

Trivia: Davies actually pushed the concept for this episode to Doctor Who in the 1980’s.




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