Class: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo

dragon tattoo

Writer: Patrick Ness

Producer: Derek Ritchie

Director: Ed Bazelgette

Summary: Ram discovers that Coal Hills’s soccer coach has a tattoo on his back in the shape of a dragon. In reality, the tattoo is an alien that has entered through the wormhole. It has enhanced his strength, similar to someone on steroids. However, there is a price: it must occasionally feed on human flesh. In addition, an actual dragon is running amuck, and the kids think there may be a connection. Meanwhile, Miss Quill confronts an inspector who gave her a bad report on her teaching.

Review: I see we’re now settling into what could be the show’s formula. Judging by this episode, Class will be adopting the “monster of the week” trope. This isn’t a bad thing, because in the right hands it can be a good way to build character development between monster fights, which is what happens.

Ram was the focal character this week, and he was written well. I liked the focus on his adjusting to his new prosthetics, and the struggles to keep his position on the team despite the fact that they’re weaker than actual legs.

Miss Quill had a few funny moments that play off her paranoia towards authority figures.  I like her and Charles, they make a good comedy team.

Overall, a good second episode, and those can be a problem.

Overall Review: 7/10


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