Eleventh Doctor: The Angels Take Manhattan

angels take manhattan

Writer: Steven Moffatt

Director: Nick Hurran

Producer: Marcus Wilson

Companions: Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill), River Song (Alex Kingston)

Series: 7, episode 5

Summary: The Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River Song are in New York City investigating time distortions. The Doctor is taking time out to read a book by Melody Malone and rips out the last page, telling Amy “I don’t like endings.” He is shocked when he discovers that whatever happens in the story happens to them. To make matters worse, Weeping Angels have overrun New York City, hoping to trap them and everyone else. Because of the book, this is now a fixed point. And once again, the Doctor will have to say goodbye.

Review: What I thought was interesting was how the story was told in “film noir” style, with narration that sounded like your typical hard-boiled detective story. There’s great acting all around, and some scary moments. I don’t think there’s ever been a bad story about the Weeping Angels.

My favorite moment in the story is when Rory and Amy are on top of the building and they realize the Statue of Liberty is now a Weeping Angel. Rory decides to stop them by leaping to his death, thinking because he can’t die, they can’t take him. Amy refuses to let him jump without her and they fall together. They are such a great couple. This has to be some  of Karen Gillan’s best acting. And then that final scene. Peter Pan has now lost his Wendy. Oh, the sadness.

Overall, a great story and a great exit for Amy and Rory.

Overall Review: 10/10

Continuity: In “The God Complex”, the Doctor wanted to sever ties to the Ponds so as to avoid standing over their graves. The Doctor uses regenerative energy to repair River Song’s hand, which he’s done to his own body in two Tenth Doctor stories. The afterword in Melody Malone’s book is a message to her mother to wait for the Doctor. It mentions several episodes: “The Beast Below”, “Curse of the Black Spot”, “Vincent and the Doctor”, and “The Big Bang”. River Song is now a professor. Rory mentions his multiple deaths. The Weeping Angels first appeared in “Blink”.

Trivia: When Amy, Rory, and The Doctor are seen in Central Park, you can hear Sting’s “Englishman in New York”.


One comment on “Eleventh Doctor: The Angels Take Manhattan

  1. This is one of my favourite episodes. Also one of my most hated. Amy is such a great character (and I’m maybe just a little bit in love with her) so it’s a very bitter-sweet moment.

    Whenever I reach for some rerun Who, this is one of the ones I put on. But to be fair, I almost exclusively watch the Matt Smith seasons. Best Doctor ever.

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