Class: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart (Part 1)


(Note: This is a two-part episode. The second part is called “Brave-ish Heart”)

Writer: Patrick Ness

Director: Ed Bazelgette

Producer: Derek Ritchie

Summary: The Shadow Kin living inside April’s heart is taking over her body, causing her to lash out at friends and family, threatening to kill them.

Review: This was intense. April was someone I was curious about, since she had the Shadow Kin inside her. It was interesting to see the damage they were doing to her psyche. I want to say something about the subject matter of this show now that I’ve seen the first half of Series 1. This show suffers from what I call “Torchwood Syndrome”. Those of you who watched Torchwood may be familiar with how “edgy” and “adult” it was, with scenes of sexuality and graphic violence throughout the series, presenting the darker side of the Whoniverse. I felt when I watched Torchwood that it was being edgy and adult just for the sake of being edgy and adult. Just to take advantage of being placed in a timeslot when younger viewers were probably not watching, as Doctor Who is meant to be a more “family-oriented” program, suitable for both children and adults. Class has the same approach. And like Torchwood, I don’t think it helps. Instead, it feels as though the “adult” imagery is done to show off rather than enhance or help the story. I’ve been tolerating it up until now, but I feel I should warn my more sensitive readers.

Overall: 7/10



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