Twelfth Doctor: Time Heist

time heist

Writer: Steve Thompson and Steven Moffatt

Director: Douglas McKinnon

Producer: Peter Bennett

Companion: Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman)

Summary: The Doctor and Clara participate in a break-in at the Bank of Karabraxas, the most dangerous bank in the cosmos. The bank is guarded by a monster called the Teller, that can erase thoughts and turn people’s minds into soup.

Review: This was a neat episode. The Teller was a scary monster and is one of my favorite monsters overall. The episode kept a good pace and felt a bit like they were doing a Doctor Who version of Ocean’s 11. There was some good suspense and I think this will be in my picks for the best episodes of Capaldi’s era.

Overall Review: 8/10

Continuity: We see that Clara has received the TARDIS’s phone number from a mysterious woman in a shop. The memory worms that wipe people’s memories made their first appearance in “The Snowmen”. In the scene where the Doctor tells the Teller his memories he no longer considers bow ties cool, now they’re embarrassing.

Trivia: There is an image of Absolom Daak, marking the first appearance of a character who originated in comics in Doctor Who.




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