Ninth Doctor: Boom Town

boom town

Writer: Russell T. Davies

Director: Joe Ahearne

Producer: Phil Collinson

Companions: Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke)

Series: 1, episode 11

Summary: The Doctor learns that Margaret, one of the Slitheen that he thwarted earlier in the season, has now become mayor of Cardiff and has built a nuclear power plant with designs to kill everyone. She tries to play with the Doctor’s conscience by telling him if he returns her to her home world, she will be executed. Will the Doctor be as evil as those he wishes to thwart?

Review: Although I like some things in this episode (like when the Doctor takes Margaret to dinner), I feel this is the weakest episode in the first series. I do like the morality play between the Doctor and Margaret. Its main problem is that it goes too fast. The whole story has to be wrapped up too nicely because the two-part finale is coming up. But with a series like this, having one or two weak stories isn’t a bad thing.

Continuity: This is the episode where the Doctor finally realizes that the phrase “Bad Wolf” has been following him throughout all his adventures. It’s even the name of the power plant. This is set six months after the first encounter with the Slitheen. The Doctor explains why the TARDIS is a police box, referencing the Chameleon Circuit’s malfunction in “An Unearthly Child.” He tried to fix it in “Attack of the Cybermen”. The Heart of the TARDIS was first seen in “Terminus”. The previous mayor of Cardiff was killed by an Auton in “Rose”. This would be the last major appearance of the Slitheen in Doctor Who, although they would later become recurring villains in The Sarah Jane Adventures.




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