Class: Brave-Ish Heart (Part 2 of 2)

brave-ish heart

Writer: Patrick Ness

Director: Phillipa Langdale

Producer: Derek Ritchie

Summary: Picking up from the previous episode, April and Ram have entered the Shadow Kin’s realm, intent on retrieving her heart. Meanwhile, the new schoolmistress reveals her plans to Charley and Quill.

Review: I know I’ve been hard on Class, so I want you readers to know something: I want to like this show. It has a great premise and I see potential. But the show has some big flaws to overcome. The writing has been good, but there’s so much sex and some rather bland acting.

That being said, this episode is the best so far. April really takes a level in awesome, and has become my #2 favorite character, right behind Quill.¬† There was some great action in this part, especially when she was battling the Shadow Kin. I loved her father’s speech towards the end when she was feeling overwhelmed and ready to give up. This was much better than the set-up. And for once, an episode with no sex scenes!

BTW, I’ve decided when I get to the final episode of series 1, I’ll give my thoughts on the show overall.

Overall Review: 9/10


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