Class: Detained


Writer: Patrick Ness

Director: Wayne Cheyip

Producer: Derek Ritchie

Summary: Miss Quill has locked all the students in her class for detention. The rift opens in the classroom, trapping them inside. A strange meteorite lands in the classroom, causing anyone who touches it to confess secrets.

Review: One of the things Doctor Who does better than anyone else is the “Bottle Episode”, where the cast is trapped inside a confined place. They’re cheap to make, and since Doctor Who was often on a budget, it could do great stories with them, such as the Tenth Doctor episode “Midnight”. Because the typical formula is that the cast has to escape the bottle, there is often tension. So, does Class measure up to its sister? I’m going to be a bit generous with this episode, because this is a new show and it still has its growing pains. The episode was a bit slow at first, but things got a little better because as it turns out, Charlie is claustrophobic. This is about average for me. But now, we have two episodes without sex scenes!

Overall Review: 5/10



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