Class: The Metaphysical Engine, Or What Quill Did

metaphysicalWriter: Patrick Ness

Director: Wayne Cheyip

Producer: Derek Ritchie

Summary: While the kids are in detention, Quill meets with Dorothea and Ballon. Dorothea has found the Metaphysical Engine, which will sever the Arn from Quill, allowing her freedom.

(Note: This is a synchronous episode with the previous episode, “Detained”, showing what Quill did while the class was in detention.)

Review: OK, so remember at the end of “Detained” how Quill comes back and goes on about how she’s free and gets in Charlie’s face, and she has a scar? Well, this is supposed to explain that. And now I understand why “Detained” was a bottle episode. Bottle episodes are often a way to save money on a sci-fi show. This episode was loaded with beautiful backdrops, so it was obvious that they would need a cheaper episode to meet the budget. I’m not saying this was a bad idea, and I love how “Detained” ended with a cliffhanger that made you wonder what happened to Quill. Quill is really a loose cannon. She’s too caught up in winning her freedom than her loyalties to everyone else, and it’s become a liability. I’m now curious to know if she will betray everyone in the series finale next week. Also, what’s Dorothea’s deal? She doesn’t seem benevolent. I like that the show is leaving you wanting more, even with its flaws.

Overall Review: 7/10



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