Twelfth: Mummy on the Orient Express


Writer: James Mathieson

Director: Paul Wilmshurst

Producer: Peter Bennett

Series: 8, ep. 8

Companion: Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman)

Summary: Angered after the events in “Kill the Moon”, Clara has agreed to one more adventure before she departs the Doctor.  They take a ride on an outer space train that resembles the Orient Express. The Foretold, a monster resembling a mummy, is killing passengers. When it spots its prey, he or she has sixty-six seconds to live.

Review: I liked the train. It reminded me of one of my favorite anime series, Galaxy Express 999. This was a very suspenseful episode. I think this is definitely going into my favorite Capaldi episodes list in my upcoming retrospective.

Continuity: The Doctor’s manipulation of Clara into not believing in him is similar to his manipulation of Ace in “The Curse of Fenric”. The Doctor asks the Foretold “Are you my mummy?” The Doctor encountered mummies in “Pyramids of Mars”. He also imitates his Fourth regeneration by offering jelly babies.



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