Twelfth: The Lie of the Land (Conclusion)

lieWriter: Toby Whithouse

Director: Wayne Yip

Companions: Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie), Nardole (Matt Lucas)

Series: 10, ep. 8

Summary: The monks have altered history because Bill asked them for help so that the Doctor would regain his sight. They have taken over the world. The Doctor realizes there is only one solution: he must open the vault and ask for Missy’s help.

Review: Okay, I have to ask: did anyone doubt Missy was in the vault? That has to be one of the worst-kept secrets I’ve ever seen. She was all over the promos, and there was even that article about John Simm returning.

All kidding aside, this was a pretty good climax. My only real gripe is that we had another regeneration fake-out. Is this going to be a once an era thing for the show? It happened in “Journey’s End”, and then again, the Eleventh Doctor had one too. And now it’s Capaldi’s turn.

And I have to say it: I still don’t like Missy. I don’t care if I’m in the minority, but I still have problems with her being the latest version of the Master. I’d rather have John Simm back over her, and I didn’t like Simm all that much to begin with.

Bill and Nardole were both great in this story too. Nardole having some funny moments about his different body parts shows he’s still pretty good comedy relief. I’m really liking Bill and she’s becoming one of my favorite companions.

Continuity: The Doctor was being watched in a Magpie TV shop. The Tenth Doctor faked a regeneration in “Journey’s End”, and the Eleventh Doctor did it in “The Impossible Astronaut”. Ironically, Missy actually scoffed at the idea of reforming in “The Magician’s Apprentice”.



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