Class: The Lost

the lostWriter: Patrick Ness

Director: Julian Holmes

Producer: Derek Ritchie

Summary: Quill tries to coax Charlie into using the Cabinet on the Shadow Kin. She discovers that she is now pregnant. Dorothea discovers she has failed her benefactors–the Weeping Angels.

Review: And here it is, the final episode.  I can’t say I enjoyed it as much as the main show.  Quill was really the only well-written and acted character, while the rest of the actors were quite bland. I didn’t enjoy this episode, mostly because I knew no matter what happened it wouldn’t matter–the show was ending on a cliffhanger and there was going to be no resolution. BBC America knew the show had failed and was using this as a carrot on a stick in the hopes that maybe we Americans might give it enough of a try to justify more series. I can’t be positive with this because it was doomed from the start. I’ll be addressing my main problems in my next editorial, but for now I can’t give this even one point above 5. There was potential here, but it was all wasted. Patrick Ness himself has said he’s glad it’s over.

As for the episode itself. It was okay for what it was. But what good is a cliffhanger if it doesn’t get resolved, especially if it was meant to get resolved? This was a terrible way to end the show.

Overall Review: 5/10


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