Twelfth: Flatline


Writer: James Mathieson

Director: Douglas MacKinnon

Producer: Nikki Wilson

Companion: Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman)

Series: 8, ep. 9

Summary: Clara and the Doctor come out of the TARDIS and discover it is smaller than normal. Clara steps out to investigate, leaving the Doctor to determine if something is wrong with the TARDIS itself.  When she returns, the TARDIS is even smaller, and now the Doctor is trapped inside. Clara discovers people have disappeared, trapped in walls or murals. The culprit is a race of aliens that are actually two-dimensional.

Review: This episode was bizarre. Clara is forced to do what the Doctor would normally do. I liked that Clara finally got some characterization, as up until this point, she’d seemed, well, bland. The idea of beings who only existed on the second dimensional plane was fascinating. This is really a story only the modern era could do, and I loved it.

Overall Review: 10/10

Continuity: This actually isn’t the first time the TARDIS’s exterior has shrunk, that happened in “The Land of Giants”. Mona Lisa, an enemy of Sarah Jane, could also transfer beings from the third dimensional plane to the second dimension. The Cloister Bell rings again. Clara says she is from Health and Safety, as she did in “Hide”. Rigsy would return in “Face the Raven.”



2 comments on “Twelfth: Flatline

  1. Yeah, I liked this episode a lot. I’m a fan of the bizarre when it’s well pulled off, and I’d say it was, here. Also, I liked the trend the show developed for a while of having Clara take on parts of the Doctor’s function and persona, and that worked well here as well.

  2. There are some who complained that Clara turned Doctor Who into the “Clara is awesome” show and said she was kind of a Mary Sue. I wouldn’t call her that. I mean, some of the early episodes with her made her kind of bland, but she got better.

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