Twelfth: The Doctor Falls (part 2)

doctor fallsWriter: Steven Moffatt

Director: Rachel Talalay

Producer: Peter Bennett

Companions: Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie), Nardole (Matt Lucas)

Series: 10, episode 12

Note: This episode ran for an hour and a half.

Summary: Bill has been converted into a Cyberman! Can the Doctor save her? Can Missy actually be trusted?

Review: A lot of times when we have a great part 1, the conclusion doesn’t always measure up. But not this time! Moffatt, you are cooking up a great finale for your exit. I just know Christmas is going to be great.

John Simm really surprised me this time. In “End of Time”, my biggest problem was that he hammed it up too much. It felt like the Doctor was fighting a cross between the Joker and Emperor Palpatine. Here, it’s more like Delgado’s version. Practically no emotion at all. This was the Master I wanted, Davies!

The exit for Bill was beautifully sad. I didn’t even mind seeing Ashieldr come back. (Wow, Maisie Williams, puberty did wonders for you!) Bravo, Moffatt, you did it.

Overall Review: 9/10

Continuity: The Doctor quotes the Fourth Doctor in Robot. The Doctor offers a little girl (I think it’s a younger version of Bill) jelly babies, a favorite food of the second, fourth, and eighth Doctors). Bill meets the woman she met in the puddle in “The Pilot”. Both the Fifth and Tenth Doctors also tried to stave off their regenerations.




One comment on “Twelfth: The Doctor Falls (part 2)

  1. What, no mention of the biggest continuity reference of all–the surprise guest at the episode’s end? (See, I even mentioned it without making it a spoiler.) 😛 I loved Simm’s Master in this, too, and I love how Missy still has some compassion in her. There are a couple of lines in this episode which again point to the idea of the Doctor regenerating as a woman–and really, if he’s as sick of regenerating and repetition as he says in this episode, perhaps that might be symbolic of that–really making a break with his previous selves. Not that I want that or think it’s a good idea, but there was more groundwork laid for it, here. I loved Bill in this episode, and Nardole had many spots to shine in, as well. Very well done, Moffat.

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