Editorial: Why I Don’t Hate Bill

billBefore I start this, I want to tell my readers that I am a Catholic. I frequent a Catholic Geeks group on FB that’s usually a pretty nice bunch. In fact, it’s the nicest group of geeks I’ve ever joined. Except for a small snippet of fans who HATE Bill Potts. Why? Because she’s gay. According to them, it’s another sign of the “gay agenda”. Please.

I guess I can see their point of view, sort of. There’s some children shows like The Legend Of Korra and Steven Universe that are working in hints that their characters are gay. They think that because Doctor Who is supposed to be a kids show, this is part of that agenda. My problem, however is that Doctor Who isn’t what I consider a kids show, not even in the Classic days. You think the Weeping Angels are creepy? Check out what the Autons did in their first appearance! One of the reasons “The Dalek Master Plan” is such an elusive serial is that some of the foreign markets saw how dark the story is and refused to air it. And today, the show still has that dark edge to it.

Doctor Who is not designed just for children. That argument doesn’t work. I understand how my Catholic peers feel. I also feel that the entertainment industry should not be “teaching” children. But should we shield children completely? They’ll still meet homosexual and bisexual people. (And yes, these people also didn’t like Jack Harkness, nor did they like Jenny and Vastra’s relationship. So at least they’re consistent.) I think hating a fictional character is ridiculous. They’re just characters, not real people. And if they were, I still don’t believe in hating them. We shouldn’t dwell on people’s sins. That’s not kind. And like the Doctor (and Jesus) I try to be kind.

This is the way things are. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. I’m saying that we should let the writers be. I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable writing a gay character, but that’s me (and I’ve written fanfiction, so I know what I’m talking about). I don’t feel this is evidence of any “agenda”. We need to stop looking for conspiracies.

Whoo, this ought to ruffle some feathers. I promise my next editorial will be less controversial.



4 comments on “Editorial: Why I Don’t Hate Bill

  1. Well, a Protestant Christian here (Methodist), not a Catholic, but still–Jesus said we were not to judge, and God made all people. Personally, I think it’s just another way of loving people, just like the fact I happen to be heterosexual. Bill is not just ‘a token lesbian’ on Doctor Who, as some people (not you) might argue. Her sexuality–like EVERYONE’S sexuality–is just a part of who she is. And I for one was glad she was on the show (Nardole, too–just so you know.)

    • I personally don’t like the idea of having companions depart before the new Doctor is revealed. I like having a companion from the previous Doctor because it helps the transition when you have someone familiar.

  2. The idea of a ‘gay agenda’ makes me laugh anyway. Talk about a conspiracy theory! As if LGTB were an organisation rather than an umbrella term for a vast range of groups and individuals. As far as Doctor Who is concerned I’ve been amazed at the hatred and bile that has poor Bill has caused some people. I have to note here that Doctor Who is made in the UK and I haven’t heard a murmur from UK audiences. One objection has been that children watch Doctor Who. So what? With some children it will go over their heads anyway. As gay bullying is sadly still a common problem in many schools having a cool gay character might help children realise that in the end gay people are just people – like Bill. For the minority of older children who feel they might be gay, characters like Bill help them to realise they are NOT alone.
    I realise I’ve spoken very broadly and briefly about a complex issues I’m sure Jason doesn’t want an essay here! But I want to make one final point and it’s a personal one. As a gay Catholic every attack on the character of Bill because she is gay is an attack on me. I don’t care how much people hum and ha about loving the sinner, or throw Bible or catechism quotes about ( generally missing out the bit about ‘sensitivity’ or ‘unjust discrimination”) it FEELS like hatred -and a certain amount of fear.

    • The reason I don’t mind it in Doctor Who is that it’s different from a show such as Steven Universe or Legend of Korra, which I mentioned in the editorial. They are geared towards children. I feel that children should only be taught about sexual orientation when they can actually understand what it means. The age those shows are trying to reach is too young. Doctor Who, on the other hand, is for a much older audience. Those children may still not understand, but it might spark discussion from the parents, who should be the real teachers.

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